A family of seven traveling life and the world. Sometimes together, sometimes not.

Hi. We’re the Erickson’s, a family of seven traveling the world, sometimes crammed together in a bus or a hostel, sometimes not even on the same continent! But we share and love the journey just the same. Our family theme – one of them anyway – is to “Tell Better Stories.” and that’s what we hope you find here. We tend to jump in and figure things out on the fly, and since we have yet to be deported, detained or denied entry – although we came close in New Zealand, we’re not likely to mess with the formula. “If it ain’t broke…” as they say. Our travels, our goals and our experiences are all a work-in-progress, just like this blog. As a matter-of-fact, this blog is organized much like our travel, which is to say “not really organized at all”. So click around, let us know what you like or if you have a question, we’d love to hear from you.

There are thousands, perhaps millions of travel blogs loaded with “How to…” advice, hotel, transportation, restaurant and entertainment reviews. This isn’t that kind of blog – not directly anyway. We try to capture and relate the beauty of nature, the quirky, things that make us laugh, or pause and take it all in. At the end of the day, we hope our stories, pictures and descriptions will inspire you to launch your own adventure around the globe…or around the corner. Just as long as you love and live your life!

This is Gonna Be A Trip!

Note: A lot of our stories evolve over time, or don’t make a good story until a place or a moment brings the thing together, so sometimes we insert an update from something that happened over time or in the past and not purely chronologically. If you’d like to receive new stories or notifications via email, please register below, and welcome to the family.

The Erickson 7 Down Under