A Baht in My Pocket

Here I am. A college student always conscious of my money or rather lack thereof. As I get a little low on clean laundry I put on a pair of pants I haven’t worn for a couple months. I reach in my pocket and feel some paper. I pull it out and it’s green! I’m thinking “awesome, money!” right? WRONG. It’s a 20 baht note left over from our summer travel to Thailand.
At first I was a bit bummed but then got to thinking. Finding that 20 baht note brought back memories of sweating our guts out while wandering around wats in Bangkok. Memories of the markets on markets on markets in the streets of Krabi, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai alike. It brought back memories of Khao Soi and Green Curry and Coconut Soup and the countless other delicious dishes the Thai people have blessed this world with. It brought back memories of family. Of love. Of stress. Of smiles. Of oh so many bad jokes ;).

It’s funny how things so small can evoke some big emotions and memories. How a piece of paper worth 56¢ USD can remind you that the best things can’t be bought. That it isn’t the ‘things’. It’s the people. The conversations. The laughs and smiles shared. The lessons learned and taught. The bonds made and strengthened. That’s what that 20 baht note means to me. How blessed I am to have rummaged through my pockets and received far more than I bargained for.

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