Bangkok or Barf-kok?

By Thomas, age 7

How come Bangkok always makes me throw up?

Me in Bangkok ... hot, sweaty and pre-puking.

Me in Bangkok … hot, sweaty and pre-puking.

The first time our family visited Bangkok, 5 out of 7 of us puked our guts out. We always say in our family, “Party till you puke!” but we did not party because we began throwing up one day after checking into our really nice hotel.

Mom was the first to feel queasy but she managed to sleep off most of her sickly stomach. Rachel was next to get the bug and threw up in the trash can. I managed to make it to the sink before I blew chunks. Doran filmed his “experience” which was creepy and gross. But no one was as bad as Bennett who filled his bed with chunky, yellow goop in the middle of the night.

Doran films his Barf-kok "experience."

Doran films his Barf-kok “experience.”

What’s up with Bangkok? I started calling it Barf-kok after our first day there.

Why did we get sick? We had visited Samoa, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and other parts of Thailand without any tummy problems. But one day into Bangkok and BAM!

The whole family semi-sick in Bangkok.

The whole family semi-sick in Bangkok.

I was nervous when I found out we had to fly out of Bangkok at the end of our Thailand stay. Would I get sick again? Could we party this time? Would Barf-kok be resurrected?

We stayed only one day and I thought we were safe!

We boarded our plane to Germany happy none of us were sick. But Barf-kok must have put a tracking device on me because I threw up on the airplane and later on the train.

Barf-kok … bye-bye!

P.S. On our first visit to Bangkok we ate a lovely dinner with a new friend. Wonder if this is what made us sick?!?

Yummy food made for us by a new Bangkok friend.

Yummy food made for us by a new Bangkok friend.

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