Finally – A Bed of My Own!

I know I’m the smallest person in my family, but why do I always get the last pick of beds?


Most days it doesn’t bother me too much, I actually like it. Here are some weird places I have slept on this trip:

A small, blue hammock hung between bunk beds – Samoa, hotel
Discomfy couch cushions put on the floor under a window – New Zealand, hotel
Hard kitchen table made into a bed – New Zealand, camper van
Shared, squished bed with Doran at the Bat Cave – Kuala Lumpur, apartment
A bed I shared with Doran that had creepy baby throw pillows – Krabi, hotel
Foldout couch in mom and dad’s room – Bangkok, guest house
Two, fake leather chairs that never stayed pushed together – Chiang Mai, YMCA
Comfy top bunk – Bangkok, hostel
Floor mattress squeezed between bunk beds – Siem Reap, hostel
Bouncy top berth with thin, blue curtains – Thailand, overnight train

But finally …. JACKPOT! I have a new Garfield bed in my Chiang Mai apartment (actually, it’s a Thai mat put on the floor in mom and dad’s room, but I don’t care!). My new bed is soft, big, comfortable and mine all mine (except when Doran was here and I had to share, again. Ugh!). Somedays I miss my Smokey Bear bed back in Cumming, Atlanta, GA, USA, America. I wonder if it misses me.

My Own Bed ... I Shared With Big Brother Doran

My Own Bed … I Shared With Big Brother Doran

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