Flying Right

Samoa is a long ways away from…well, from just about everywhere, and our departure airport of New York’s JFK is no exception. In fact, to fly there by our route is just over half the circumference of planet Earth: 12,650 flown miles.

Additionally, let’s just say that Apia, Samoa’s Faleolo International isn’t on the schedule of many any low-fare carriers. But we would get to cross both the equator and the International Date Line in the same night, and how can you put a price on that, right?

Well, someone figured out how. This particular thrill can be yours for just over $1,000 per person. At least.

Since we are a family of seven, $1,000 one-way airfare puts a big dent in the adventure budget. Luckily we’d been able to travel-hack our way to a healthy reserve of Delta SkyMiles, and 315,000 of the precious little points secured seats all the way to Samoa.

Tickets in hand, we only have to survive three flights and 44.5 hours of non-stop travel. Here’s the details:

  1. JFK – LAX: Delta 486, 6.5 Hours, Layover: 3.5 Hours
  2. LAX – SYD: Virgin Australia 2, 14.75 Hours, Layover: 14.5 Hours
  3. SYD – APW: Virgin Australia 97, 5.25 Hours


NOTE: In the world of frequent flier mile currency, the rule-of-thumb states if our 45,000 SkyMiles per seat could be purchased for $450 or less we should pay cash and save the miles. That wasn’t going to happen, so we gladly parted with the points! Given that the miles were largely from credit card bonuses and for purchases we make anyway, the cost is close to free. If you have questions about how you too can hack your way to Samoa, let us know. We’d be glad to share our experience. Oh, and if you need a fluent Samoan speaker as guide, there’s this guy.

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