Camera Stuff

We love to travel. We hope to do more – a lot more – and we hope you do too!

Below we share information about gear we use and like, or based on our experience want for a future adventure. If you like what you see and want to make a purchase of your own, we’ve included links – where possible – to either a purchase or manufacturer website. If you follow our links to Amazon, we can get a small commission from your purchase, and you won’t pay any extra. It’s not a lot of money, but might keep us in Pad Thai for a day – assuming we’re in Thailand and not New York City. Amazon doesn’t pay that kind of money! If the link goes to a non-Amazon site, its there for your convenience and we’ll have to scrape up Pad Thai money some other way! ūüôā

Sony NEX-7

The¬†Sony NEX-7¬†has been my¬†companion on many adventures for more than two years now. The NEX line, and especially the 7, was revolutionary, but¬†short-lived as Sony moved on to the Alpha line. If I had to¬†recommend a similar¬†camera today, I’d recommend the Sony a6300.

Canon G16

Olympus OMD-EM10

Joby Tripod

Manfrotto Tripod

My Manfrotto tripod isn’t the nicest nor the most sturdy, but it gets the job done, fits in my carry-on or my backpack and is cheap enough I don’t worry about being too gentle with it.


I’ve purchased this¬†“old” model for myself and others. This is the best remedy for fingerprints, water spots or dust on a lens.

Check out the “new” models of LenPen too. I especially like the looks of this one:¬†