Krabi – The Town of Beginnings

Hey there, Bennett blogging. Krabi, our first Thailand city, is a beach/tourist/coastal town in southern Thailand.  It was our first stop in Thailand and everyone of the fam was enamored by everything we saw — the new language that neither looks nor sounds anything like English, the Buddhist temples, the picturesque scenery, the beaches, the people, the monkeys, the markets, the sunsets, and the food. In fact, everything was so new, I really regret not filming more video of our time there.

I know this video is not on par with professionals, but it is all photo evidence I have of my time in this beautiful place. I hope you enjoy it and check out my other videos. Click here for my video on Krabi.

In Krabi, we knew we wanted to hit as many beaches as we could so we rented speedy 150 cc motor scooters. Riding scooters was a family first and one of the best moves we could have made. After being cooped up with the same seven people for the last two months, the scooters gave us a much needed feeling of freedom. We could go different places from one another and that was awesome! These scooters enabled us to travel farther and faster than our flip-flopped feet and we traveled to several splendid beaches, soaking in the sunshine and splashing in the blue water.

For the beaches inaccessible by scooting, our family traveled by the native species of boat; the long tail boat. These water taxis transported us swiftly across the gorgeous sea to Railay Beach.  Upon arrival, we quickly carved out a niche on the soft sand and began to unwind. The family swam, explored water caves and kayaked. I contented myself with hammocking and reading a great book.  There is nothing like a great book, a beautiful beach and gentle breeze.

Krabi’s biggest attraction for me was the splendid array of artful street food. My family dined multiple times at the same street stall because that little Thai lady’s green curry and coconut soup was just too good to pass up. The dessert option was even better.  A roti vendor three stalls down also became a family favorite.  With options of egg, banana, coconut, Nutella, sweet milk and chocolate sauce, roti has taken a delicious domain in the world of splendid delicacies. This guy made a killing off of us!

Krabi is more than food and beaches, it’s also temples, Buddhist monks and monkeys. One of the biggest temples in town, and I actually mean the biggest, was the Tiger Cave Temple. This temple rests high on top of a massive hill accessible only by ascending the 80 degree incline of 1,260 steps. I kid you not, these stairs were the most intense I have ever climbed. I am a fit person, I play rugby and can hold my own. But these stairs were crazy steep! Everyone in the family took a break, or five, or six or ten, but eventually reached the top and were rewarded with breathtaking views. The mountains surrounding the temple were covered in lush forests while the massive gold Buddha watched over the stairs. Thankfully, the monks were kind enough to have cold drinking water waiting for us at the finish. The hike was crazy, the view was crazy, and my recommendation remains this hike is a crazy must do.


Bennett Erickson

Krabi Sunsets Never Disappoint

Krabi Sunsets Never Disappoint

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