This is How it Starts

Last minute copying of computer files. Packing the old work computer, the old mobile phone, and old security badge to be picked up by UPS and delivered to the old boss at the old job. One last run to Wal-Mart. Microwave breakfast. Load the rental car. “Everybody got everything?” Pushing the speed limit as far as fear of New Jersey State Troopers allows. Sweating the traffic on a New York’s Van Wyck Expressway. Triple checking the rental car for every device, cord, charger, flip-flop, and action figure. Race a downpour, jumping puddles until wet anyway and then just running through puddles. Focusing on every sign, arrow and announcement to avoid a wrong turn en route to JFK’s Terminal 4 (T4) Concourse B. Giddy then frantic then happy then stressed then giddy. Security line. Find the guys in business suits. Follow. The stroller family? Don’t follow. Wait. “Everything out of your pockets.” Wait. “Whose bag is this…?” Wait. OK, everybody is here, let’s go. Check the monitor. Why are we always at the end of the terminal?

The beginning of an adventure? Yes, and no. A long-anticipated new chapter, yes, but only after months (years) of dreaming, talking, saving, hoarding miles, reading, researching and mental test-driving.

But, this is how it starts.

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