Who, What, Where, WHY?

Three months into this adventure and the Erickson gang is well.  Really well.  Life on the road has been amazing and allowed us to grow as individuals, come closer as a family and realize the more we think we know, the less we really do.

Summer 2016 was spent in fabulous vacation mode while the BYU kids tagged along. Tripping up the East Coast was historic as we visited dear friends in VA, brushed up on US history in VA, PA, and DC, and ultimately said goodbye to America in NY. Samoa was AMAZING and seeing Doran in his two year, home-away-from-home was beyond precious and revelatory. New Zealand was out-of-sight gorgeous and a place I would go back to in a heart beat! Kuala Lumpur was a nice entry into Asia with a heavy Muslim flavor. The beaches of Southern Thailand were just like the photos show … complete Paradise. Juxtapose that with hectic and clogged Bangkok, and we were still going strong. Cambodia, specifically Angkor Wat, was impressive and grand. And now back to Thailand, this time Northern Thailand where lush mountains have lulled us to a stop.

Whew…. Lots of moving of lots of bodies to lots of places in short, frequent bursts. We have covered miles of ground and experienced loads of culture, but we’re tired. Chiang Mai offers a cooler temperature and slower pace of life which lends itself to worldschooling and time to think.

What are we thinking about? I ask that myself nearly everyday. More truthfully, I ask myself, “What were you thinking to leave your comfortable life in Atlanta and drag the crew half way across the world to a place you have never been, where you don’t speak the language, where you know no one, and where you have no job!”

Robert gets fussy when I use the term “finding ourselves,” as this implies we are lost. Robert says we most definitely are not lost. Lost to most seems to mean no direction, no plan, no vision. “Finding ourselves,” however, to me, means we are processing the last 22 years together and sizing up the next 22. Robert’s professional path is the biggest question we discuss daily as he has ideas, dreams, hopes, and fantasies, of never having to return to corporate America. There are days when I think he has lost his mind.

The current town we live in is chuck full of ex-pat digital nomads who have built very comfortable lives based on internet businesses, on-line blogs, contract work assignments done remotely, and professional gambling careers (we thought about trying Poker one night but decided that gig was not going to be profitable for us! :{ ). Robert gleans great information and mentoring from this community of like-minded folk and is trying to identify his path to riches, ok just food and shelter at this point. Of course this out-of-the-box thinking scares the pants off me most days, but Robert seems very happy, free and excited so I realize much of the Adventure is for him.

Thinking, thinking, thinking...

Thinking, thinking, thinking…

How will all this pan out? IDK …. We may blow through our money and have to come home to traffic jams on GA 400 and some office cubicle on Winward Parkway. We are crossing our fingers that’s not the case, but if so, at least Robert will be able to say he tried something different and gave it a go. I’m proud of him and really enjoy seeing his CrazY brain work.

Me? I do my thang. I want to work on my health (lose more weight) and increase my fitness level, but the Thai food is just too good and the heat is just too hot (I sweat all day, everyday – why would I want to exercise?!?). I recently picked up a needlepoint project to work on, something I have not one for many years, and a stronger pair of glasses to see those dang stitches! I don’t cook because no one here does … Fun fact … 87% of all Thai meals are consumed out of the home. I “worldschool” the kids, meaning we visit temples, street markets, parks, sites of interest and guide the kids through some on-line courses while Robert thinks.

The Bag Lady

The Bag Lady

Robert thinks a lot, and he reads. In the early morning while we sleep in he stares out the window and watches the clouds roll in. At a coffee shop while nursing a Coke he reads stuff on his digital devices. At our flimsy kitchen table Robert pecks away on his computer. While driving the scooter up the mountains he thinks. And walk around the neighborhood allows for more thinking. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking. Read a bunch, then more thinking.

I don’t think too much. Thinking scares me so I head to the roti vendor down the street and try to strike up a conversation with a guy who speaks no English.

Banana + Egg Roti = Yummy!

Banana + Egg Roti = Yummy!

As I said, life is good. Robert says thinking is good, I say roti is good and we get along just fine.

Our plans are to stay in Thailand until the visa runs out on Oct 9th and then make a border run for another 60-day visa. or head to different country. We will likely decided that move this week. Christmas will be looming after that and who knows where the wind will blow us. I won’t be surprised if we bail on the whole Asia thing and head to Spain or Greece. Who knows … We are still thinking about it.

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